NEW: We at Taylored Boats are happy to announce we now have the hull mold for the 35’, 36’, 37’, 38’ Willis Beal (aka RP) They are available with either a lobster boat style house or pleasure style. We are taking orders for all models from 35-38’ and 40-44’

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Latest Projects

46′ Wayne Beal

42′ Willis Beal (Hull)

First one out of the mold.

42′ Wayne Beal

Skipper Alley 42′ Wayne Beal

42′ H&H (Widened)

Shane Farris widened 42′ H&H. This boat is a clone of Kyle Kennedy 42′ H&H.

31’ Willis Beal

A 31’ Willis Beal picnic/pleasure boat.

40′ Willis Beal

Willis Beal Molds

Videos of Willis Beal molds. These are what will keep the Willis Beal design alive.  This first boat is of…

Previous RP Projects

35′ Willis Beal

This is a 35’ Willis Beal . Built in 2005/2006 time by me . Sports fishing boat.

31′ Willis Beal

This is a 31’ Willis Beal that was sent to the Virgin Isles as a pleasure boat. Very advanced kit.…

40′ Willis Beal

This is a 40’ Willis Beal with a west coast windshield. 

35′ Willis Beal

This is a 35’ Willis Beal. Built in 2007. Pleasure boat, live aboard, sport fishing.This model will be available in…

35′ Willis Beal

This is a 35’ Willis Beal which I made in 2005. Sport fishing/ pleasure boat. This boat model will be available…